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Secondary Teacher Assisted Resource Time

Whatever your destination, the most important thing is to to START!

The START Department Mission Statement is to support the academically at-risk students, by providing one-on-one assistance, teaching organizational and study skills, and creating a safe, comfortable, and productive educational environment. It is our intention to support the student, his/her teachers, and the parents to bring about a successful high school experience.

The START program supports students who are not succeeding in school or who are not performing to their fullest potential.  START focuses on intervention and prevention by including several areas of discipline.  Organizational skills, time management, communication skills, study skills, social skills, academic assistance, and personal development are a daily part of the program.  By helping students develop in the areas of interpersonal relationships, communication skills, responsibility, goal-setting and problem solving, and improving self-image a positive impact can be made on the academic areas.


1.  We expect respect for one another and for instructors at all times. Specifically, you may not decide to refuse to work in START.

2.  You must plan to work on homework for both A and B days.

3.  You must show all finished assignments to staff.

4.  We expect you to be attentive. We do not allow sleeping in class, doing nothing during the class, rolling on the chairs, bothering others etc.

5. You may bring a beverage from the school machines to class but you will not be allowed to leave class to purchase it. Gum is allowed but NO candy or food unless permitted by teacher. Exception: athletes who are involved in a morning practice may eat a light healthy snack during first hour class.

6. When you leave the classroom for any reason, your cell phone must be on my desk.  BE SURE YOUR PHONE IS TURNED OFF. 

The START Department Curriculum:

Course # of semesters Credit

The START Department Instructors:

Mrs. Kirsten Castelli
Email: kcastelli@senecahs.org
Phone: 815-357-5000

Mrs. Jodi Walsh
Email: jwalsh@senecahs.org
Phone: 815-357-5000