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National Honor Society

Mrs. O'Connor and Mrs. Foster

National Honor Society

Mrs. O’Connor and Mrs. Foster

Juniors with a 3.8 GPA will be invited to apply in February, 2021, and Seniors will be invited in August of 2021. Selection is done by a 5 member faculty council based on leadership, character, service, and scholarship.  

Class of 2021 Senior Members:

Paige Baker (Student Council Representative)
Ethan Brockman
Arista Brozovich
Marie Cheshareck
Carson Collet
Aubrey Cruz
Jenna Goslin (Service Coordinator)
Riley Johnson
Madison Jones

Julia Kramer
Levi Maierhofer
Addison Olson
Gwendalyn Reyes
Brayden Roe
Brooke Roseland
Ava Terry (Secretary)
Emelia Traina (Treasurer)
Justine Ursua

Fidel Valenciano
Maveric Varland
Amber Vroman (VP)
Delany Welsh (Student Council Representative)
Daniel Widman (President)






The National Honor Society was established in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.  By 1930, there were over 1000 chapters across the nation.  

According to the organization’s national constitution, the four purposes of the NHS are “to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.”

Seneca High School’s National Honor Society, established in 1969, has the same four purposes.  Members are invited to apply based on scholarship after five semesters.  Along with the service requirement, students’ character and leadership are reviewed by the faculty council.  Once members are selected, they are formally inducted in a ceremony in the spring.

The advisors of NHS are Mrs. O’Connor and Mrs. Ferguson.

Expectations of National Honor Society Members:

Scholarship—you were invited to apply based on your GPA of 3.8 or higher (this will change soon due to weighted grades) taking a college preparatory course load.  If you drop below the acceptable GPA you will be placed on probation for a period of time.  During that time, if you raise your GPA to the acceptable level, you will be taken off probation.  If you do not raise your GPA, you will be dismissed from NHS.

Service:- generally considered to be those actions undertaken by the student which are done with or on the behalf of others without any direct financial or material compensation to the individual performing the service.  National Honor Society service hours are provided in not for profit situations—tutoring, working for charities, and those in need.  Simply working for free does not necessarily constitute NHS service.  

The student who serves:

  1. Volunteers and provides dependable and well organized assistance, is gladly available, and is willing to sacrifice to offer assistance
  2. Works well with others and is willing to take on difficult or inconspicuous responsibilities
  3. Cheerfully and enthusiastically renders any requested service to the school, including SST tutoring.  Not fulfilling SST tutoring will result in being placed on probation.  
  4. Service Specifics--   NHS members are required to complete 20 community service hours by March 8th.    

You may begin earning your senior hours at the beginning of the summer.  In addition to the 20 required hours, all senior members need to attend and help at a school event next year, and all members must also tutor in Academic Centers during SST, or you will no longer be a member in good standing and will be unable to participate in the Induction Ceremony.  You may not earn all service hours doing one activity.  Again, half of those hours must be performed out in the community.  You are expected to read your emails from the advisers every day, and respond within 24 hours.  Make it a habit to frequently check the bulletin board and Blackboard for service ideas.  If you find a new activity, which is not on the board, please submit a pre-approval form to either advisor.  If you perform a regular activity, like school approved tutoring, Casper, etcetera, helping at PADS and other shelters, working at food pantries, you should just fill out the form with no need for preapproval.  If you find an activity which is not specifically listed here, you need to fill out a pre-approval form.  Unapproved service forms will not be accepted.  This includes incomplete forms, for example:  missing contact information, dates, location, etc.  Make it a habit to check the bulletin board regularly.  Things that NHS does not consider service:  baking, working for a teacher or coach, fund raisers, (including concession stands), babysitting, and things that you already do as a member of your family, church, club, sport, or other school activity.  Your activity might not count for “clock hours.”  For example, you may have performed 10 hours, but we may assess it at 5 service hours.  This is another reason why pre-approval is so important.  

Completing your service hours does not end your responsibilities as a member of NHS.  

Leadership and Character-- As a member of NHS, you are held to a higher standard than the average student.  You are looked upon by faculty, students, and the community as exemplary individuals.  Good character and leadership include treating others with respect.  You should conduct yourself as such both inside of school and out in the community.  This includes not only the classroom, the hallways, the commons, the gymnasium, and school grounds, but also outside of the campus.  If you behave in a dishonest or inappropriate manner, the consequences may include dismissal from NHS.  If the advisers are made aware of an incident, such as cheating, drinking alcohol, vandalism, etcetera, you will be called before the faculty council.  


A student who exercises leadership:

  1. Is resourceful in proposing new problems, applying principles, and making suggestions
  2. Demonstrates initiative in promoting school activities
  3. Exercises positive influence on peers in upholding school ideals
  4. Contributes ideas that improve the civic life of the school
  5. Is able to delegate responsibilities
  6. Exemplifies positive attitudes
  7. Demonstrates academic initiative
  8. Inspires positive behavior in others
  9. Successfully holds school offices or positions of responsibility; conducts business effectively and efficiently; demonstrates reliability and dependability
  10. Is a leader in the classroom, at work, and in other school or community activities
  11. Is thoroughly dependable in any responsibility accepted
  12. Is willing to uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude
  13. Is willing to represent the class or school in inter-class and inter-scholastic competition
  14. Does committee or staff work without complaint
  15. Participates in some activity outside of school, for example, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H, church groups, volunteer services for the elderly, poor, or disadvantaged.
  16. Mentors persons in the community or students at other schools
  17. Shows courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers, and students

Character- a person of character demonstrates the following six qualities: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship, and the Student of Character:

  1. Takes criticism willingly and accepts recommendations graciously
  2. Consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior (cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, stability)
  3. Upholds the principles of morality and ethics
  4. Cooperates by complying with school regulations concerning property, programs, office, halls, etc.
  5. Demonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability
  6. Regularly shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others
  7. Observes instructions and rules, is punctual, and faithful both inside and outside the classroom
  8. Has powers of concentration, self-discipline, and sustained attention as shown by perseverance and application to studies
  9. Manifests truthfulness in acknowledging obedience to rules, avoiding cheating in written work, and showing unwillingness to profit from the mistakes of others. Actively helps rid the school of bad influences or environment

These are the main expectations of you as a member of NHS.  If you do not wish to participate, you are free to resign at any time.

Please stay in contact with the advisers with questions you may have.  During the summer, if you have service hour questions, contact an advisor-- moconnor@senecahs.org   kfoster@senecahs.org


NHS Candidate Application Form

February Selection Rubric

NHS Teacher Survey Form