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Seneca High School



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Logo and Vision

Seneca High School New Logo 

Part of the redesign of our curriculum and focus entailed a new logo. This student designed logo incorporates one of our existing logos, the clover, and modernized it. Also depicted in the logo are three main philosophies; each student shall learn, together everyone achieves more, and our new one, building foundations for success. These three philosophies make up where we have been and where we want to go.

Designed by Kylie Russell, class of 2013


Our current vision is centered on student success. To accomplish this, the school board asked the question “When students graduate from Seneca High School, are they prepared academically, emotionally, and organizationally to succeed in college, a career, or the military” (Carlson, 2013)? In response, the board has determined to pursue student success through:

  • Recruiting, selecting, developing, and retaining student-centered staff,
  • Offering a high-quality educational program so that all students are prepared to succeed after high school,
  • Increasing community and parental support of the school,
  • Teaching and learning in a technology enriched environment,
  • Providing financial resources to meet the goals of the district in a fiscally responsible manner,
  • Maintaining and improving facilities to ensure an environment conducive to learning,
  • Providing a vast array of co-curricular opportunities, and
  • Enacting policy to enhance organizational effectiveness.


“Before you can travel to the moon you have to look up at the stars” (Ward, 2013). Our current focus is on student success. Instead of focusing on student achievement, the philosophy is to individualize the goals and look at each student. What does this particular student need to succeed in life? We need to look at where this person is now and where they need to be. What do we need to do as a school to help this student succeed?  If we know each student; where they are now, their future aspirations, and the potential of where they could be, then we can help them achieve that goal, thereby helping them to be successful. With this as our mission, our vision will direct our path to where we see ourselves in the future. We intend to be leaders in the areas of student success, technology integration, and life preparation. Seneca High School graduates will be proud of themselves and their school, will have fun building memories, and become tech-savvy productive members of our society.



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