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The Department Mission Statement is to graduate Seneca High School students who have the attitude, skills, and knowledge necessary to participate in a variety of physical activities, maintain a healthy lifestyle, understand the various effects of physical activity on one's mind and body. Students will develop interpersonal skills, exhibit positive character traits during physical activity, value physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle, and to participate in health enhancing activities on a regular basis.

Physical education introduces, extends, and reinforces life long health concepts and fit behavior. On a daily basis, students will engage in warm up and stretching activities. Sportsmanship, respect, and safety are emphasized as important individual character traits. Students will be exposed to a variety of individual and team activities designed to increase competence in motor skills, stimulate interest in life long participation, and develop appropriate social/emotional behaviors.

Health Education:
Under the guidance of the district’s attorney, Klein, Thorpe, and Jenkins, the Board of Education and Administration support the district’s option to continue teaching its current curriculum without adopting the National Sex Education Standards. 

Per KTJ, “…the district can continue with its current curriculum if it chooses. There is not a requirement that it provide that subject at all (and cannot force any individual student to participate).”  Seneca Township High School District #160 does not offer a stand-alone sex education course as our sex education standards are taught within our health curriculum. Therefore, the new law does not apply to our school district. We have made no changes to our sex education curriculum because of this new law, and our Health curriculum is available for public review on our school district website.  School Board Press Policy 6:60, which reflects curriculum, has been updated in its second reading to reflect this continued curricular offering.  Additionally, parents can request copies of the curriculum materials as a part of our registration process as well as discuss the content of the curriculum with our Health teacher.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our Health Teacher, Mr. Dan Baker.  Mr. Baker's email address is:  dbaker@senecahs.org


The Department Curriculum:

Courses # of semesters Credit
Physical Education* 2 1
BFS Strength Training 2 1
Health Education*
Curriculum Map
1 .5
Driver's Education/Safety*
Curriculum Map
1 .5
*Graduation requirements 6  

Physical Fitness and Nutrition

The Department Instructors:


Mr. Dan Baker
Email: dbaker@senecahs.org
Phone: 815-357-5308

Mrs. Jen Baxter
Email: jbaxter@senecahs.org
Phone: 815-357-5075

Mr. Tim Brungard
Email: tbrungard@senecahs.org
Phone: 815-357-5004

Mr. Ted O'Boyle
Email: toboyle@senecahs.org
Phone: 815-357-5046