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Departments: Special Needs


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Special Needs Department

February 06, 2010

Special Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Seneca High School special education department is to support the students, teachers and parents of all IEP students. We work to support them with academic, personal and career goals. In doing so, we strive for increased basic skills while supporting their daily efforts within their regular education classes.


Special Education Curriculum

Course # of semesters Credit
English 2 1
Math 2 1
Health 1 .5
World History 2 1
U.S. History/Govt. 2/1 1/.5
Art 2 1
Step I/II 2 1
Resource 2 1
Daily Living 2 1
Physical Science 2 1
Life Science 2 1




Special Education Instructors

Mr. Bonner                        Mrs. Farmer                      Mrs. Jackie Ugolini



Special Education Aides

Mrs. Beck                         Mrs. Westmoreland             Ms. Moreno                   Mrs. Brockman


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